IHAN® Developer documentation

Developer Documentation

This serves as a central location for finding the documentation necessary to integrate to the various components to use the IHAN® Platform. At this stage the platform consists of loosely linked components, and you will need to follow the guides for each component separately if you require any functionality that depends on it.

The different components are:

Connecting Data Sources

If you are connecting Data Sources to the platform, you will at least need to understand the Product Gateway and Productizer documentation, but if you're adding a new kind of data you will also need to know how the Standards work.

If your Data Source needs to worry about authentication or consents you will also need the SisuID and MyData Share documentation.

Building applications

To consume data products, you will need to understand the Product Gateway, as well as the Standards to see the definitions for available Data Products.

For discovery features and various other functions, you might need to integrate to Lifeengine.

If you're planning on using Data Products that require authentication or consent, you will need to check out the SisuID and MyData Share documentation respectively.

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